Sofia Klof Health Coaching

As an Apple News Top 10 Featured Entrepreneur Sofia has been working with clients to help improve their gut health and overall well-being. Her clients have seen incredible results including increased energy, weight loss, and improved mood. Sofia provides a 1 on 1 coaching program where you can either work together month to month or through a 6 month program. She just released her 14 Day Detox Ebook and Guide to Wellness Digital Planner as tools to help create optimal wellness in your life.

  • Erik Christianson

    Sofia blew this ebook out of the park with her knowledge and expertise! It's very detailed and if you stick to the 14 day meal plan that is included you will definitely feel and look healthier than ever!

  • Rina Abbas

    Amazing e-Book with so many amazing recipes!

  • Ashley Grimes

    I enjoyed this ebook alot as someone who wasn't able to do 1 on 1 coaching, this is a great alternative.